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DDS offers a variety of dance styles from ages 2+. Here's what to expect when you join a class:


Hip Hop

What styles do you offer?

How many students are in each class?

We cap our classes at 12 students. It is important that each students gets individual attention. We believe this helps students achieve their full potential!

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What do I need to bring?

For your first class please wear something comfortable like a Tshirt and leggings. Avoid wearing dresses or denim. Runners can be worn to your first class however you may be asked to dance barefoot too. We also recommend bring a drink bottle to stay hydrated throughout class.

Once you've had your trial class, please bring the correct uniform and footwear to your next class. We can help talk you through what you will need for you specific class.


Is this a competitive or recreational school?

Derrimut Dance studio offers both avenues! We believe that competitions are a great way to showcase your skills on a variety of stages as well as gain feedback from qualified adjudicators. Competitions can help to foster confidence, a sense of achievement, a sense of community and inspiration! This can be done as a soloist or as part of our Rising Star competition team. Becoming a "Rising Star," is strongly encouraged. This is invitation only. 

We do also understand that some students just want to dance for fun and therefore students are by no means expected to compete. Dance can just be a hobby for some and that is totally fine :)

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