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At Derrimut Dance Studio we are committed to providing high quality dance and performing arts training for students of all ages and abilities. We are proud to provide a safe and positive learning environment where all students can feel empowered, free to express themselves and confident. Students are coached and mentored by a team of teachers and student teachers who believe in bringing and demonstrating joy, enthusiasm, friendship, organisation and honesty in each class, whilst also practicing safe and current dance practices. We recognise that every student is an individual and we embrace each child’s individual needs, personality and goals.  We strive to ensure that whilst part of the DDS family, students experience a sense of belonging, love, joy, creativity and happiness.


Our number one priority is simple; our students. We strive to ensure our students take something away from every class, whether that be a new routine, a new trick, a new friend, or simply a smile.



We believe that performance comes from passion and not from pressure. DDS aims to build passion within our students so they absolutely LOVE what they do.


Dance should be something that every student enjoys. We aim to bring happiness and create smiles in every class.


DDS provides instructors who are passionate about providing a nurturing environment for our students to grow as performers.


With a focus on continuous and life long learning we aim to provide the highest level of training and service to our dance community.

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