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Copy of DDS Prospectus 2020 (1).png

It is compulsory for all student's to wear their correct uniform to class. DDS believes that in order to dance like a dancer, you must first look and feel like a dancer! Correct footwear must be worn for the safety of all students.


Ballet: DDS Leotard, black wrap skirt, tight's, ballet shoes. (wrap skirt and shoes available from any dance shop). hair must be worn in a bun to every class. Boys should have black ballet shoes.


Jazz / Commercial: DDS leggings/shorts and DDS singlet/T-shirt, Tan split sole elastic jazz shoes required. Brand: Bloch or Capezio. Shoes available at any dance store. Boys should have black jazz shoes. Hair must be in a ponytail


Tap: DDS leggings/shorts and DDS singlet/T-shirt. Tan Tap shoes required. Boys should have black tap shoes. Hair must be in a ponytail


Lyrical/ Contemporary/ Acro: DDS leggings/ shorts and DDS singlet/ T-shirt. Barefoot or foot undies are acceptable. Hair must be in a ponytail


Aerial Lyra: DDS Leggings, Leotard/singlet/, socks.


Hip Hop: DDS leggings/ shorts and DDS singlet/ T-shirt. White runners are to be worn at concert time however, students may train in any runners or tan jazz shoes during class. Hair must be in a pony tail for cheer. Hair may be worn down for hip hop/ commercial.


Bomber Jackets/ competition style jackets may be worn to and from class or during warm up.


Ready Set Dance:

Girls - Ready set dance brand tutu and hair bow. Must have jazz and tap shoes


Boys - Ready Set Dance brand T-shirt. Must have jazz and tap shoes.

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